Pinterest! It’s an incredible marketing tool that typically can get overlooked. BUT I am here to tell you, it can BOOST traffic, INCREASE sales, get your products or services NOTICED and you only need to spend an HOUR a week on it. 

Let me explain.

  • It’s AVAILABLE at the tap of a finger.
  • You can AUTOMATE your strategy and save time.
  • Pinterest users are primed and ready to PURCHASE.
  • Your ideal demographic is ALREADY SEARCHING on the platform.

Curious? Here are some other great things to consider: 

  • Pinterest isn’t a social media site, it’s a search engine where people look for ideas and content. People type in KEYWORDS and QUESTIONS to find inspiration and solutions through visual pins.
  • Marketers are driving more traffic to their website using content they ALREADY HAVE by automating their strategy in just ONE HOUR A WEEK posting ONE pin a day leveraging templates already made and ready to go.
  • Current users spend more money on Pinterest than ANY OTHER social media site. They are there for inspiration, but what happens when they see something they like? THEY BUY.
  • 2022 Pinterest users are: female, 24-54, AHHI of OVER $100,000, they make the purchasing decisions for their home and THEY START with Pinterest for research, shopping and purchasing – so your audience is ALREADY THERE.

Ready to pin? All you need is content. 

  • Once you’ve identified the CONTENT TYPES, you need to create a graphic in the form of a pin to promote on Pinterest.
  • If you pin ONE fresh pin a day = HUGE results because Pinterest PRIORITIZES new content over anything else!
  • Create high quality NEW pins that are yours and Pinterest will distribute your pins into the smart feed for others to discover.
  • A new pin GRAPHIC pointing to the SAME CONTENT counts as a fresh pin!

The best part about adding your content to Pinterest is that the LIFESPAN of a single post on Instagram or Facebook is ~3-5 hours AS MOST. The average lifespan of a single pin on Pinterest is 3 to 5 MONTHS!

See the potential? I hope so! Now, all you need to do is is get your Pinterest cover graphics together and get pinning! *Need help with that too?* 

I GOT YOU. I have 10 tried and tested Pinterest templates to help you get started! Send me an email and I’ll make sure to get them over to you ASAP! 

Taylor Ion

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