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At the Spark! Awards Charleston AMA will honor creative and marketing excellence in the Charleston community. Finalists are selected from each category, and the winners are announced at the Spark! Awards presentation. Enjoy an evening of awards, networking, drinks and hors d’eouvres as we celebrate the top marketers in the Lowcountry.

Spark! Awards highlight the best and brightest local marketing talent. The awards recognize individuals and companies for remarkable, effective campaigns from the past year.

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Award Categories

Project Awards

A physical print ad that ran locally that you or your business designed. No size restrictions. Media outlet cannot have created it. Does not have to be a part of a campaign. Ex: Full page print ad in Charleston Magazine, discount promotion about your business or services, etc.

A digital-only ad in static or animated form that ran locally. No size restrictions. No timing specifications on run length. Media outlet cannot have created it. Does not have to be a part of a campaign. Ex: 250×300 rotating banner on Charleston City Paper homepage.

A print or digital out-of-home advertisement that ran locally to reach audiences while they are on the go. No size restrictions. No timing specifications on run length. Media outlet cannot have created it. Does not have to be a part of a campaign. Ex: billboards, wallscapes, bus station posters, car wrap, benches, digital installations, etc.

The layout, content and final design of an emailed, digital newsletter. E-newsletter must be an active, working template that has or is currently being used. This does not include a printed newsletter. Ex: Monthly company newsletter design sent via Mailchimp.

A live and functioning website with active URL for any brand, business, person or organization. This does not included campaign landing pages. Ex:

A new or rebranded logo for any kind of business, organization, event, program, initiative, campaign, location or personal use. Identity standards not needed for entry, though would help elaborate on the design process and execution of final design. Rebrands before and after are recommended.

Illustration design for this category should be a decoration, interpretation or visual explanation of text or image designed for integration in print and/or digital published media. Work can be represented in any artistic form whether hand-done or digital art. Completed/final work only; no in-progress work. Ex: Vector icons, digital art for video game, charcoal lettering for print ad, ink character drawings.

A collection of items, materials, stationery, collateral and/or promotional products designed to make a statement, an impression and/or uniform image of the brand. These items should be a consistent summary of the brand, how it is represented on a range of different mediums and how it best presents itself to the public. No restrictions on media types. Ex: Logo, letterhead, business card, notecard, pen and mug.

A specifically creative video media intended for promotion of a brand, product or service. Any video type is permitted. No length required. Ex: Commercial to promote new law firm in Charleston.

A a regularly updated website or web page on a business or organization’s website that is written for SEO strategy, internal updates, information communication, opinions, topics or latest news source. Must be an active and up to date blog with recent posts. Ex:

The creative designed for a digital or printed book cover. Includes typography, illustration, painting, etc. Ex: Creative designed on book wrap for children’s book.

Printed marketing material used to communicate or promote your company’s brand message, products or services. Marketing collateral in this category includes a variety of formats. No size restrictions. Media outlet cannot have created it. Does not have to be a part of a campaign. Ex: printed brochures, point-of-sale posters, restaurant menus, rack cards, trade show display, event/sales materials, one-page PDFs, printed annual reports, etc.


Campaign Awards

The promotion and marketing of any kind of event. Promotional materials can be of any medium or media type. Results of event not required for submission but would help for context and success of marketing efforts. Ex: Printed invitation or ticket design.

The visibility the brand has on social media platforms and the connection it has built with its community. In addition, the look and feel of the content, graphics and design and how it aligns with the brand as a whole. Ex: The Instagram feed of Charleston AMA and specific posts.

The coordinated marketing effort to reinforce or assist with a business goal using one or more social media platforms. Campaign design, copy, run length, platforms used, audience and results must be included in entry. Ex: The Facebook and Instagram ads for a local pet shelter to get people to adopt.

Direct mail or “advertising mail, “mailshot”, “letterbox drop” or “letterboxing” that was a printed promotional or informative piece mailed to recipients via SC postal service. No size restrictions. No timing specifications on run length. Media outlet cannot have created it. Does not have to be a part of a campaign. Ex: postcards, invitations, coupons, discounts, circulars, plastic mailers, catalogs, etc.

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The launch of a product to market. The positioning, messaging, target and creative must be included. Creative packaging design, product displays and product campaigns can be included. Ex: POS at a grocery store, product mailer to influencer.

The use of an influencer for a brand or third party promotion to assist the brand in exposure for a period of time. Why the influencer/affiliate was chosen, results and creative must be included in entry. Ex: Charleston Blonde promoting a local clothing brand.

The exposure from creative storytelling through media relations or news coverage. Digital and/or print coverage. Ex: News article, images, press release, community engagement and testimonials from a PR campaign.


Entry Process & Information


(1) project title, (2) project synopsis that describes mission, goals and results (3) and LINK to assets.

All submissions for the 2023 Spark! Awards must be from projects/campaigns completed from January 1, 2022 – December 31, 2022.

For all award categories, submit ONE URL that links to assets to showcase your work. This may be a Dropbox link, Google Drive link, your own URL, etc. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR LINK HAS PUBLIC ACCESS. Links without public access will not be considered.

All submissions must be made online through the digital submission platform. Submissions will not be accepted via email or mail.

Entry fees are as follows:

  • Charleston AMA Members: First entry is FREE; each additional entry $40
  • Non-Members: Each entry $50
  • Award decisions are final. No refunds for entry fees.

For complete entry guidelines and rules, visit

Charleston AMA Special Awards

No cost to nominate

This award recognizes a volunteer of the Charleston chapter of the AMA who has gone above and beyond in their role of volunteer to contribute to the chapter’s success. Nominate someone and in 100 words or less, please explain why the nominee should be considered for this award, including examples of chapter service and volunteerism. Only Charleston AMA members in good standing will be considered for this award.

This award honors a marketer in the greater Charleston area who enhances the marketing community. Nominate someone and in 100 words or less, explain why your nominee should be considered for this award, including examples of marketing excellence in his/her job and contributions to the overall marketing industry in Charleston. Nominees do not have to be members of the Charleston AMA to be considered for this award.

The Giving Award will recognize the work of any individual or company based in the tri-county area that has donated a marketing service to a nonprofit organization. Submission should include 1-5 examples demonstrating donated marketing services. These may align with any project or campaign category or may encompass an overall marketing campaign.

To nominate an individual or an organization, please select one of the buttons below and fill out the form. There is no cost to nominate an individual or organization for these awards.



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Come celebrate at the Charleston American Marketing Association (AMA) 2023 Spark! Awards — the only awards event in Charleston celebrating creative excellence and marketing talent — held at Harborside East on Wednesday, November 15 kicking off at 6:30 pm.

Early bird tickets are on sale until October 18th, 2023. $50 for AMA members and $65 for non-members.