If we’re not watching, we’re scrolling. If we’re not scrolling, we’re listening. And if you’re not listening, well that’s where we come in! In 2021, over 80 million Americans were dedicated, weekly podcast listeners. With over two million podcasts to choose from, there’s always something to laugh at or something to learn, especially when it comes to marketing. Join us in as we keep up with the podcast Joneses; here are the five podcasts all marketers should be listening to right now!

The Marketing Secrets Show

Hosted by New York Times bestselling author and co-founder of ClickFunnels, Russel Brunson, The Marketing Secret Show highlights small business successes. As a small business entering the marketing space with a limited budget, it can be daunting to form a plan. Heck, you may not even have a pla-. Russel’s podcast is a free resource to help get your company started off on the right foot and make sure you stay there. 

The Digital Marketing Podcast

In an arena that’s ever-evolving, keeping up with the latest digital trends is truly a full time job. This weekly podcast, hosted by Daniel Rowles, award winning author, speaker and CEO of Target Internet, and digital marketing specialist and trainer, Ciaran Rogers, highlights the need-to-know digital news to keep your strategy relevant. From social media to SEO to digital ads, they’ve got it covered. 

Marketing Over Coffee

The perfect show for your morning commute, John Wall and Christopher Penn’s show breaks down industry news into bite-sized bits. Published every Thursday morning, the pair of marketing experts and public-speaking aficionados cover a wide-range of topics, industry best practices and interviews with the marketing industry’s finest as it relates to what’s current – and they do it all in just 20 minutes! 

Everyone Hates Marketers 

Raise your hand if you have been personally victimized by people who hate the marketing industry… We’ve all been there. Host Louis Grenier provides an irreverent take on industry news and need-to-knows and does it in a way that will reignite your spark for the space as a whole. This podcast is both educational and entertaining, providing resources and perspectives that allow you to do your job well, while reminding you why you started your job in the first place. Marketing is FUN! 

This Old Marketing

Hosted by Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose, This Old Marketing covers a week in review of pertinent media, marketing and content news. Joe and Robert look at the world through an entrepreneurial eye, making this a must-listen to for all who are moving and shaking the industry. The show, published every Friday, provides insight and conversations that you won’t want to miss. 

The next time you find yourself stuck in traffic on the Ravenel Bridge, stop your scroll and turn on one of these podcasts instead. You may even learn something!  

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