It started with the creation of a new Spark! award category in 2018, called The Giving Award. The Board of Directors saw that many members of our marketing community were giving generously of their time to help nonprofits and thought they deserved recognition for this valuable work. Developing a Nonprofit Outreach Program to create a virtual clearinghouse connecting nonprofits and marketers is the next logical step.

The last year has had a devastating impact on individuals and industries. Nonprofits are especially hard hit with many closing their doors in 2020.
There has been an almost 37% loss of jobs in the nonprofit sector. Two thirds of South Carolina nonprofits expect to run out of cash within the next six months. Dire times indeed. A positive pandemic outcome is that more and more people are looking for virtual volunteer opportunities, making the Nonprofit Outreach Program is a win/win.

Marketers participating in the program gain exposure to future clients through our online promotion of the work they develop for their chosen nonprofit.

We will be adding an online form to for volunteers to sign up and nonprofits to seek help in areas like logo design, email campaigns, website assistance, and SEO advice – any creative work that can be completed virtually or with safe-distancing.

Help us name the program. Come on, we’re marketers. Nonprofit Outreach Program is a little dull, don’t you think? Help us name the new program, and we’ll give you all the credit on social media.

Today, we begin community outreach, sharing the good news about our program. In the next 30 days we will roll out our online volunteer/nonprofit match-up form. The first year is dedicated to planning, development, and testing. We welcome your input and your questions. Do you want to volunteer? Do you know a worthy nonprofit? Contact Nonprofit Outreach Director, Maggie Mills, at

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