The Charleston American Marketing Association Launches the Charleston Marketing Podcast

Premiering on August 1st, the podcast in partnership with the Charleston Radio Group will highlight key influencers and business professionals in the Charleston marketing industry. 

The Charleston American Marketing Association (AMA) has launched their podcast, The Charleston Marketing Podcast, entirely geared toward Charleston’s marketing professionals. Featuring conversations with the Lowcountrys’ movers and shakers, changemakers and elite knowledge workers, each episode of The Charleston Marketing Podcast and YouTube channel provides listeners with relevant and topical takeaways ready to be applied and implemented. 

Hosted by Stephanie Barrow and Mike Compton, board members of the Charleston American Marketing Association, the “CAMA Cast” is highly engaging with guests like Will Hayine, Mayor of Mount Pleasant, Nikki Kuniej, Director of Digital Strategy, Charleston Radio Group, Olivia Flowers of Southern Charm. With a new episode dropping each month, many more thought-provoking interviews are planned with top marketing experts, industry thought leaders, nonprofits and successful Lowcountry entrepreneurs. Four episodes will be launching in August including an intro episode. 

“To me, it’s all about connecting and building community, like we do at CAMA. We are discussing content and ideas for all types of marketers. From solopreneurs to c-suite agency heads, from college grads to entrepreneurs that wear all the hats. We plan to have all the conversations, big and small so everyone can take something away from the podcast,” shares Mike Compton. “The Charleston Marketing Podcast has been a goal of our Chapter since I was President. The pandemic reiterated to our team the importance of connection, inspiration and motivation. I am genuinely thrilled and humbled by the amazing opportunity to interview these truly inspiring Charleston professionals who are making an impact here in the Lowcountry,” stated Stephanie Barrow.

Episodes will be available on the platforms Spotify, YouTube, Buzzsprout and as of Tuesday, August 1, 2023.

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Charleston AMA Announces 2021 Spark! Awards Winners

2021 Spark! Awards

Charleston American Marketing Association (AMA) is pleased to announce the winners of the 2021 Spark! Awards. The annual Spark! Awards is the premier marketing event of the Lowcountry that honors creative and marketing excellence in the Charleston community. After receiving hundreds of submissions in 20 categories, fellow AMA chapter, AMA Tahoe, judged and casted their votes for finalists and winners, while Charleston AMA Board of Directors selected winners for Marketer of the Year, The Giving Award, and Chapter Volunteer of the Year.

Awards finalists, Charleston area marketing professionals, and business leaders gathered for the lively awards celebration on September 23 where winners were revealed. The awards were hosted by event emcee Whitney McDuff, who is a recent winner of Best Marketing/PR Company for Charleston City Paper’s 2021 Best of Charleston.

Charleston AMA is thankful for this year’s sponsors, including Nelson Printing, Squeeze Marketing, Fox Audio Visual, Larry Monteith Photography, Seth G. Music, Holy City Sinner and Chris Hervochon CPA CVA.

And the winners are…

Charleston AMA 2021 Marketer of the Year:
Charlotte Berger, CharlotteBergerPR

The Giving Award:
Stan Foxworthy, Foxworthy Studios

Chapter Volunteer of the Year:
Taylor Ion, Charleston AMA Director of Marketing and Communications

Best Book Cover
WINNER: Advantage | ForbesBooks – Stuck In The Middle Seat by Stephen E. Gerard
Advantage | ForbesBooks – Stuck In The Middle Seat by Stephen E. Gerard
Advantage | ForbesBooks – Hidden Wealth by Terry H. Monroe –
Banks Creative – Eleanor, Alice and the Roosevelt Ghosts by Dianne K. Salerni
G Sharp Design – Mindscaping

Best Branding
WINNER: Squeeze Marketing – Lowcountry Trolley
PlanSource – PlanSource
Trio Solutions – Marketing Impact Assistant (aka M.I.A)

Best Corporate Blog
WINNER: Roper St. Francis Hospital – House Calls Magazine and Health Hub Blog
Stingray Branding – Tumbleston Photography
Winkler Group – Winkler Group Corporate Blog: Part 1 – Counterintuitive Fundraising

Best Corporate Identity
WINNER: Roper St. Francis Hospital – Roper St. Francis Healthcare Brand 2020
Trio Solutions – Bleecker Family Law

Best Collateral
WINNER: Rawle Murdy – Desert Highlands
Push Digital – Stop Soldier Suicide – 2020 Impact Report
Squeeze Marketing – Lowcountry Trolley

Best Content Marketing
WINNER: Lunch + Recess – Vertical Roots Brand Video
BoomTown – The BoomTown Effect
PlanSource – Employee Communications Interactive Site

Best Digital or Print Ad
WINNER: Push Digital – Dermatology & Laser Center of Charleston
Rawle Murdy – Terminix

Best Direct Mail
WINNER: PlanSource – THRIVE SalesCon Box and Deliverables

Best e-Newsletter
WINNER: Charleston County Parks – Charleston County Parks Explore

Best Event Marketing
WINNER: Mex 1 Coastal Cantina – Mex 1 Snowboard Rail Jam
BoomTown – Unite
Push Digital – Lung Cancer Research Foundation – Free to Breathe Event
PlanSource – Eclipse Live Marketing Collateral

Best Fundraising Campaign
WINNER: CharlotteBergerPR – Warrior Surf Foundation Surfboard Auction

Best Social Media Presence
WINNER: Rawle Murdy – Mattress Firm
Charleston County Parks – Charleston County Parks Facebook Page –
Push Digital – Stop Soldier Suicide

Best Illustration
WINNER: Banks Creative – College of Charleston ‘What Type of Cougar are You?
Banks Creative- College of Charleston ‘What Type of Cougar are You?
Charleston County Parks – Step Into Nature
Lunch + Recess – Osprey and Snake Illustration

Best Logo Design
WINNER: In the Black Marketing & Consulting – Migliori’s Pizza
Gibbes Film in Focus – Banks Creative
Stingray Branding – Juneteenth
Stingray Branding – Your Space Designs
TRIO Solutions – Ruby’s Academy

Best Non-Traditional Marketing
WINNER: Banks Creative – Gibbes on the Street – Gibbes on the Couch
CharlotteBergerPR – LoDi Coffee Sleeve Design
Rawle Murdy – Primland Resort

Best Social Media Campaign
WINNER: Matchstick Social – Kickin Chicken
Chernoff Newman – MUSC Don’t Go Viral
Nelson Strategic Marketing – Meals on Wheels Summerville: Stories of Isolation

Best Pandemic Pivot
WINNER: ArcheMedX, Inc. – COVID-19’s Effect on Virtual Tech in Clinical Trials
CharlotteBergerPR – Warrior Surf Foundation Surfboard Auction
Maggie Mills – Take Maggie’s Word for It

Best Promotional Video
WINNER: Lowcountry Local First – Every Dollar Matters
BoomTown – Success Assurance
Charleston Battery – This Is Your Club
Mara James – Shiksona Beauty

Best Website
WINNER: Squeeze Marketing – Lowtide Brewing
Push Digital –
Squeeze Marketing – Southern Concepts
Stingray Branding – Wild Blue Ropes

2021 SPARK! Awards Finalists

Drum roll, please! We’re excited to announce finalists for the 2021 Spark! Awards. This year, 112 exceptional entries were submitted in 20 categories reflecting the creativity and skillful execution of the applicants who innovated and pivoted during a pandemic to create dynamic, successful marketing. Do you see your entries among the finalists? Category winners will be announced at this year’s awards ceremony. In addition, The Giving Award, Marketer of the Year, and Chapter Volunteer of the Year will be announced at the event!

We want to thank the AMA Reno-Tahoe board of directors who judged this year’s submissions. The top 3 entries were selected as finalists in each category. In the case of tied scores, up to 5 finalists were selected. We appreciate all of the judges who spent their time and assistance to make the 2021 Spark! Awards a success.

We look forward to seeing finalists and Charleston marketers at the Spark! Awards Ceremony on Thursday, September 23. Learn more about this year’s prom themed event, and get your ticket here!

Best Book Cover

Stephen’s Book – Advantage | ForbesBooks

Terry’s Book – Advantage | ForbesBooks

Hand Lettered Design – Banks Creative

Mindscaping – G Sharp Design

Best Branding

PlanSource – PlanSource

Lowcountry Trolley – Squeeze Marketing

Marketing Impact Assistant (aka M.I.A) – Trio Solutions

Best Corporate Blog

Roper St. Francis Healthcare Brand 2020 – Roper St. Francis Hospital

Tumbleston Photography – Stingray Branding

Winkler Group Corporate Blog: Part 1 – Counterintuitive Fundraising – Winkler Group

Best Corporate Identity

Roper St. Francis Healthcare Brand 2020 – Roper St. Francis Hospital

Bleecker Family Law – Trio Solutions

Best Collateral

Stop Soldier Suicide – 2020 Impact Report- Push Digital

Scottsdale AZ – Rawle Murdy

Lowcountry Trolley – Squeeze Marketing

Best Content Marketing

What’s your boom effect? – BoomTown

Vertical Roots – Lunch + Recess

Employee Communications Interactive Site – PlanSource

Best Digital/Print Ad

Dermatology & Laser Center of Charleston – Push Digital

Terminix – Rawle Murdy

Best Direct Mail

SalesCon Box and Deliverables – PlanSource

Best e-Newsletter

Charleston County Parks Explore – Charleston County Parks

Best Event Marketing

Unite – BoomTown

Mex 1 Snowboard Rail Jam – Mex 1 Coastal Cantina

Lung Cancer Research Foundation – Free to Breathe Event – Push Digital

Eclipse Live Marketing Collateral – PlanSource

Best Fundraising Campaign

Warrior Surf Foundation Surfboard Auction – CharlotteBergerPR

Best Social Media Presence

Charleston County Parks Facebook Page – Charleston County Parks

Stop Soldier Suicide – Push Digital

Mattress Firm – Rawle Murdy

Best Illustration

Greenville – Banks Creative

College of Charleston ‘What Type of Cougar are You?’ – Banks Creative

Park Step – Charleston County Parks

Snake Illustration – Lunch + Recess

Best Logo Design

Gibbes Film in Focus Logo – Banks Creative

Migliori’s Pizza- In The Black Marketing & Consulting

Juneteenth logo – Stingray Branding

Your Space – Stingray Branding

Miss Ruby – TRIO Solutions

Best Non-Traditional Marketing

Caribbean Street Art Festival – Banks Creative

LoDi – CharlotteBergerPR

Primland Resort – Rawle Murdy

Best Social Media Campaign

MUSC Don’t Go Viral – Chernoff Newman

Kickin Chicken – Matchstick Social

Meals on Wheels – Nelson Strategic Marketing

Best Pandemic Pivot

COVID-19’s Effect on Virtual Tech in Clinical Trials – ArcheMedX, Inc.

Warrior Surf Foundation Surfboard Auction – CharlotteBergerPR

Take Maggie’s Word for It – Maggie Mills

Best Promotional Video

Success Assurance – BoomTown

Charleston Battery – Charleston Battery

Buy Local Season – Lowcountry Local First

Shiksona Beauty – Mara James

Best Website – Push Digital

Lowtide Brewing – Squeeze Marketing

Southern Concepts – Squeeze Marketing

Wild Blue Ropes – Stingray Branding

Budweiser: A short history of advertising during prohibition

Budweiser: An American Marketing Icon

Budweiser, an American icon and a beer brand that is well known beyond US borders, has always been famous and loved for its marketing activities. From the TV-advert campaign that made a whole generation greeting each other on the phone with “Whassup” to high-budget Super Bowl commercials and beyond.

But even in times before events like the Superbowl existed and when TV advertising was not invented yet, Budweiser was a marketing pioneer and well ahead of its time, even in difficult times like the prohibition.

The beginnings

But let’s go step by step, the roots of the brewery lay (no surprise) in another beer-loving country, Germany. Eberhard Anheuser was born in 1806 in the small German town of Kreuznach. After emigrating to the United States in 1842 he became a successful businessman as a candle and soap manufacturer. With the money he earned, he continuously invested in the already existing “Bavarian Brewery” which he completely owned by 1860. Ten years later he allowed his son-in-law Adolphus Busch to join the company, the business name of Anheuser-Busch as such has its origins in the company’s family ties.

Besides the strong family bond, one reason why Anheuser-Busch became such a powerful company was the vision of Adolphus Busch, to create a national beer brand for the USA. The company, therefore, was looking towards their European roots, and focused on a pale lager type of beer Bohemian immigrants from the city of Budweis took with them into the US.

As Pilsner beer is a beloved beer type all over Germany, the decision for a Pilsner for a new national beer by Anheuser and Busch, therefore, was an easy decision, and the famous US beer brand Budweiser was born and became a registered trademark in 1878.

To become a truly national beer, Adolphus Busch invested in cooling storage facilities across the US railway network to ensure the cooling of his product especially for long-distance transports, and thus provided a nationwide quality of his beer which led to high popularity and the success of the brand.

Die Prohibition in den USA

The ever-growing popularity of the Budweiser brand however was confronted with the political proposal by the US congress in 1917 to ban alcoholic drinks in the United States, as the early 20th century saw excesses in the personal consumption of alcohol which raised political concerns about the wellbeing of US-citizens. With the 18th amendment of the United States Constitution which was ratified by the US congress i.e. the requisite number of states in 1919 the prohibition of alcohol became a fact and lasted from 1920 till 1933.

This was a shock for all companies producing alcoholic beverages like Anheuser-Busch, as it caused a threat to the existence of the family business. Whereas the 18th amendment to the Constitution imposed a ban on alcoholic sales, the advertisement of such was not a part of the ban itself. Furthermore, even though the regular sales of alcohol was prohibited, the legal execution was lacking enforcement of local authorities. As such, loopholes existed, e.g. which allowed the sale of alcoholic products for medical reasons. Nevertheless, if you are not allowed to legally sell standard alcoholic beverages, companies were exposed to high risk if they still did, as in case of legal prosecution if they would get caught but also by the damaged reputation of the brand.

Budweiser, respectively the brand’s owner Anheuser-Busch solved the situation from different angles. They continued to advertise their brand Budweiser with emotional and patriotic ads, they joined an anti-prohibition movement, but also pushed existing non-alcohol products like their malt and frozen egg products and even came up with a new non-alcoholic beverage, to tackle the declining sales of alcoholic products.

With their patriotic ads, they included famous pioneers and heroes like Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and many others to create and strengthen an emotional bond, in times when people were missing alcoholic beverages.

On the other hand, ads that were advertising the health benefits of Budweiser e.g. after sportive exercises or in general where Budweiser was displayed as liquid bread addressed the audience in favor of the alcohol ban.

And then there was Bevo, a clever strategic movement of Anheuser-Busch that introduced the near beer brand to the American people. Bevo initially was introduced to the United States Armed Forces, which already had to deal with an alcohol ban in 1916. Thus, Anheuser-Busch was able to push the product nationwide during the prohibition in 1920 and provided anyone who wanted to have a close-to-beer experience with Bevo. Anheuser-Busch also heavily invested in the Marketing of Bevo as the ads, but also the merchandise example does show, see below. Only a few years before the end of the ban, the production of Bevo was discontinued in 1927, which makes Bevo truly a prohibition phenomenon.

With their clever marketing strategies concerning product variety and emotional advertising techniques, Anheuser-Busch and respectively Budweiser managed to survive the prohibition period and continued to become one of the largest breweries in the world and the synonym for American beer and stays true to its focus on marketing. We are curious about what the future brings for Budweiser and what kind of clever ads they will come up with in the future.

Below, we feature some extraordinary but surprisingly not so famous examples of Budweiser advertising campaigns during prohibition which appeared in famous newspapers of the time.

Author: Marc Brida, Marketing Museum
In cooperation with the American Marketing Association, Charleston