Get ready for GivingTuesday with these 2022 tips and trends

As GivingTuesday has become a massive worldwide movement, the stakes are higher for ensuring your story and mission are seen, heard and ultimately: you get the donations you need.

Creative, out-of-the-box ideas are a must

This global movement has taken the world by storm. GivingTuesday content reaches millions of people every year. Your campaign needs to stand out to get the attention it deserves. Long gone are the days of just a few posts on social media. Instead, consider compelling, fun and engaging ways to share your story.

Curate an extensive image bank this year. Create a recap video. Have incredible testimonials or stories from those you’ve helped. Amplify their voices by making them the heroes of your campaign! Uncover the creative core of what you do and make it shine bright by sharing through all your communication channels.

Appoint ambassadors for your campaign

Leave the logistics of your campaign with a planning committee. Whether it’s committed volunteers or members of your staff, forming a group of a few people to execute your campaign from start to finish will ensure the attention to detail and focus of your message is layered in every step of the way!

Create a campaign landing page

Make the most out of your donor’s giving experience by sending them to a dedicated campaign landing page versus your donate page on your website. This way, they will have a seamless experience that matches your campaign. Whether you create a subdomain or host it elsewhere, let us help you maximize your donation potential!

Pro tip: Keep the separate landing page all year long and change up the content each time you run another campaign or special event! You’ll be able to monitor your campaign traffic and separate it from your year-long traffic.

Partner with others for a larger impact

Double down on your reach by pairing up with other like-minded organizations. Do you all serve the same community? Are you both members of a larger cause? Tap into different audiences, increase your budget and promote your partnership for a louder impact on giving day!

Partner lead: Are you an SC nonprofit? Together SC has over 800 members! Your new partner may be closer than you think.

Plan for Welcome Wednesday 

The day after GivingTuesday has come to be known as Welcome Wednesday, a day to extend an extra special thanks and welcome to the donors from the day before. Welcome Wednesday should layer into your overall donor retention communication plan, so don’t skip out on this must-do. Ensure you have emails drafted and your hand-written thank you notes on hand to reach out to everyone that made the day a success! 

Spring toward a six-month check-in 

Speaking of thanking donors, while a majority do not return until the next holiday season, Classy reports that 31% of those who return to make a second donation do so within six months (May). You now have another opportunity to amplify your retention tactics and re-activate GivingTuesday donors earlier in the year! For example, knowing that these supporters respond to time-based, exciting giving days, it’s a good idea to use national cause awareness days to create an inflection point during earlier months. 

Pinterest Top-Marketing Know How

Pinterest! It’s an incredible marketing tool that typically can get overlooked. BUT I am here to tell you, it can BOOST traffic, INCREASE sales, get your products or services NOTICED and you only need to spend an HOUR a week on it. 

Let me explain.

  • It’s AVAILABLE at the tap of a finger.
  • You can AUTOMATE your strategy and save time.
  • Pinterest users are primed and ready to PURCHASE.
  • Your ideal demographic is ALREADY SEARCHING on the platform.

Curious? Here are some other great things to consider: 

  • Pinterest isn’t a social media site, it’s a search engine where people look for ideas and content. People type in KEYWORDS and QUESTIONS to find inspiration and solutions through visual pins.
  • Marketers are driving more traffic to their website using content they ALREADY HAVE by automating their strategy in just ONE HOUR A WEEK posting ONE pin a day leveraging templates already made and ready to go.
  • Current users spend more money on Pinterest than ANY OTHER social media site. They are there for inspiration, but what happens when they see something they like? THEY BUY.
  • 2022 Pinterest users are: female, 24-54, AHHI of OVER $100,000, they make the purchasing decisions for their home and THEY START with Pinterest for research, shopping and purchasing – so your audience is ALREADY THERE.

Ready to pin? All you need is content. 

  • Once you’ve identified the CONTENT TYPES, you need to create a graphic in the form of a pin to promote on Pinterest.
  • If you pin ONE fresh pin a day = HUGE results because Pinterest PRIORITIZES new content over anything else!
  • Create high quality NEW pins that are yours and Pinterest will distribute your pins into the smart feed for others to discover.
  • A new pin GRAPHIC pointing to the SAME CONTENT counts as a fresh pin!

The best part about adding your content to Pinterest is that the LIFESPAN of a single post on Instagram or Facebook is ~3-5 hours AS MOST. The average lifespan of a single pin on Pinterest is 3 to 5 MONTHS!

See the potential? I hope so! Now, all you need to do is is get your Pinterest cover graphics together and get pinning! *Need help with that too?* 

I GOT YOU. I have 10 tried and tested Pinterest templates to help you get started! Send me an email and I’ll make sure to get them over to you ASAP! 

Taylor Ion