October 7


08:00 am - 09:00 am

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American Marketing Association of Charleston


Charleston Jazz Academy

3005 West Montague Avenue, North Charleston, SC 29418

North Charleston, SC, US, 29418

Want to learn how to turn your weakness into one of your greatest strengths? Lacy mastered this through her experience working in the arts.

Lacy Miller of Charleston Jazz and the Gracie & Lacy Show is no stranger when it comes to promoting the arts! Lacy will draw upon her own arts background, that literally began on her driveway, as she offers fresh and creative ideas for reaching your audience. She will share how to leverage weaknesses and transform them into your greatest strengths. She will speak on topics such as why building relationships is more important than selling; how to brag about your brand with class; how to be memorable; how to stand out; and how to make a scene!

About Lacy

Lacy Miller is a highly-caffeinated marketing and entertainment professional specializing in the promotion of live concert events and performing artists. She currently manages marketing and communications for Charleston Jazz, a local nonprofit dedicating to preserving Charleston’s rich history in jazz. In addition, she directs the marketing for Gracie & Lacy and the Legends Band, a touring act she formed with her sister 25 years ago that continues today.

A St. Louis native, her love for promoting the arts began when she and her sister started directing their own musicals with the neighbor children at 8 and 10 years old…on their driveway. “Broadway on the Driveway” became an annual tradition and was soon attracting hundreds of audience members…as well as a visit from the local police! The theatre company moved off the driveway and became a staple in the St. Louis arts community for 18 seasons, reaching tens of thousands through productions, educational programs and the nationally touring Gracie & Lacy act.

Lacy’s love of music and the way it brings people hope is what drives her marketing strategies. Growing up in church choir, she noticed that there were singers with every bit as much talent as major stars – the only difference was that they were not marketed. Her desire is to ensure that good music is heard and that people are uplifted and inspired.