American Marketing Association of Charleston


Charleston Tech Center

997 Morrison Drive, Charleston, SC 29403

Charleston, SC, US, 29403

Marketing wellness plus technology is an easy sell when done right. Katie & Julia explain how to market a new spin on wellness -plus tips!

When launching The Art of Hustle and Heart, it was required marketing as well as educating an audience on a new approach to wellness. Learn about the importance of investing in the individual and how focusing on the area of wellness that they need will result in a more productive, happy, and successful you!

Stats that drive their passion –

  • 5.5 billion spent by companies on disengaged employees
  • 18.3% average employee turnover in tech industry
  • 90% employees expect their companies to support them in balancing work and personal commitment
  • 61% employees burned out on the job
  • 550 million workdays lost to due to stress on the job

About the speakers:

Katie is the founder and CEO of The Art of Hustle and Heart. She is an IT professional, executive coach, educator, mentor, and speaker. She has a passion for wellness and empowering others to live out their dreams.

Julia is the Vice President at The Art of Hustle and Heart. She has always been passionate about helping others and after experiencing burnout, feeling unsupported in a multitude of ways, and subsequently struggling with mental health, she set out to find a company with the same values she has. She first became a health coach with The Art of Hustle and Heart but transitioned into a full-time role and has spearheaded the implementation of a platform and community for clients.

PARKING DETAILS: Charleston Tech Center (CTC): 997 Morrison Drive, Charleston, SC 29403 – 2nd floor – Conference B

Parking: the CTC Parking Garage is adjacent to the building. Enter at 4 Conroy Street. Note: there is free parking on the street and in the surface lot across the street but park at your own risk- sign says you will be towed but the parking machine doesn’t work and they have not towed anyone yet. A lot of people in the building park over there.

Building Entry: the main doors are adjacent to the parking garage on the upper deck of the CTC. Elevator code is 71469 and take it to the 2nd floor for the Charleston Digital Corridor. Conference B is straight ahead and restrooms are down the hallway to the right.