March 21


11:30 am - 01:00 pm

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American Marketing Association of Charleston


Serendipity Labs

75 Port City Landing Suite 110 & 200, Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

Mount Pleasant, SC, US, 29464

Take the reigns of your creative career and learn how to go from freelance to CEO of your business with Creative Coach, Oriana Fowler!

During Charleston American Marketing Associations Signature March Luncheon, Charleston’s Coach for Creatives, Oriana Fowler, will teach creative professionals how to shift the mindset from freelance to CEO. Oriana will provide key info from her 8-week “Creative Entrepreneurs That Own It” course on how to crush your creative career goals.

Join us on March 21 at 11:30 at Serendipity Labs, with lunch provided from Verde.

As a professional photographer, videographer, copy-writer, graphic designer, and marketing professional in any specialty (digital, PR, social media, etc)…owning a business in a creative field can feel a lot like living on a remote island sometimes.

You’re probably thinking…

  • How do I make this business full time, so I don’t have to take side gigs and can make more money?
  • Am I making the right decisions for this effort?
  • How to confidently charge more?
  • How do I manage my time?
  • Why can’t I stop (take your pick): procrastinating…being a perfectionist…feeling burnt out…. riding the up and down roller coaster…feeling like I’m secretly not good enough?

It takes a delicate balance of art and function in order to be successful in your creative career, and Oriana Fowler will show you how!

Learn more at and follow Oriana @orianafowler.

About Oriana: I teach passionate creatives how to create the life and business they know is in their hearts.

I’m a creative entrepreneurship coach who specializes in personalized, 1:1 coaching designed to energize your business without stretching you thin — by elevating your skills and sense of self-belief.

Before I ever became a coach, I took the leap to quit my nonprofit/arts management job, live abroad, and become a full-time photographer. (It was working with a coach in 2011 that helped bring that leap to life!). As a photographer, I was serving ideal clients, making money, traveling, and building recognition for my art.

What I didn’t see a few years in, was that big-time burnout was right around the corner, leaving clues that my feast and famine seasonal mode of work – not to mention growth without my own inner road map was not sustainable.

It took learning through years of experience and investing in myself and my own mentors, to discover what they didn’t teach in business school.