American Marketing Association of Charleston

Bad reviews? Angry staff reviews? Annoying customer reviews? We’ll show you how to turn that around and gain POSITIVE reviews!

How to Build Trust and Gain Customers Through 5-Star Reviews Without Annoying Customers, Nagging Staff, or Worrying About Bad Reviews

Local businesses are using new and highly effective strategies to generate lots of 5-star reviews for their business. You may have noticed all of your competitors’ reviews and wondered how they did it. They’ll never show you, but I will!

In this informative session, we’ll cover:

  • Why consistent online reviews across multiple sites are important for any business
  • The 3 big reasons why your customers don’t post reviews
  • Proven strategies for gathering more reviews and attracting new customers

Zoom details will be provided to all registered participants.


Dominic Vecchiollo has worked in publishing and marketing from a young age — since starting a class newsletter in the fourth grade — and opened DOSSU Design + Consulting, a digital marketing agency, in 2001.

During his career he’s created and worked on award-winning campaigns for nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and local businesses. He has worked at Baltimore CenterStage and the Human Rights Campaign, as well as print shops and marketing agencies in central Maryland.

Along the way, Dominic has learned a good deal about reaching audiences and moving them to action. Now he’s applied that experience to help you harness the power of the Internet to attract more customers — and he’s made it easy, too!