November 17


12:00 pm - 01:30 pm

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American Marketing Association of Charleston


Halls Signature Events at 5 Faber

5 Faber Street, Charleston, SC 29401

Charleston, SC, US, 29401

Learn effective leadership communication from national keynote speaker, communications expert and former Fortune 500 executive.

YOU are the message of your brand. Learn the tools for effective leadership communication for your business and professional career from national keynote speaker and communications expert, John Robitaille. Hosted at Hall’s Signature Events at 5 Faber, guests will enjoy a delicious catered lunch and learn how to be an authentic communicator, navigate through challengnig situations, and set the tone for leadership credibility.

John Robitaille, a former candidate for governor of Rhode Island, is an effective and entertaining motivational speaker and communications professional with over thirty years of success in multiple roles as an executive with Fortune 500 companies, a senior communication advisor to elected officials, labor relations negotiator, radio talk show host, media relations consultant, trainer, coach and mentor to entrepreneurs.


  • Challenges and opportunities with communication technology & social media
  • Understanding the four elements affecting every communicator
  • Changing the communications culture
  • Become more effective, compelling communicators
  • Better connect with customers, employees and business partners on a human level
  • Overcome the natural fear of public speaking
  • Become more clear, concise & credible
  • Listen and provide others their undivided attention
  • Prepare for a major presentation or media interview
  • Win over skeptics
  • lmprove the communication culture within your organizations

About John Robitaille

John’s career as an Army officer, labor relations negotiator, entrepreneur, business leader; educator, senior advisor to a governor, and candidate for governor of Rhode lsland has given him valuable experience and insight into how successful leaders and organizations communicate effectively to a variety of audiences during both normal and challenging situations.

Beyond the hype and cliches about effective communication, John shares his personal experiences in crisis situations, facing personal tragedies, negotiating labor agreements, participating in live televised debates, handling tough media interviews as well as interacting with customers, colleagues, employees, students, the media and the general public.