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Everyone knows the old saying, “Time is money,” but just how do you place a monetary value on your time and expertise?

Everyone knows the old saying, “Time is money,” but just how do you place a monetary value on your time and expertise?

Be sure to keep emotions out of the equation and rely on the strength of the work, and the monetary/social significance it will bring to the client. Social media is filled with many different voices, but the true, authentic voices are the ones that get elevated. Remember true authenticity in marketing comes from being true to yourself first. Advocating for your voice to be heard will lead to true authenticity on social media.

Join us to talk all about finding your right authentic voice on social media!


Eric Elliott was born on January 30th in beautiful, historic Charleston, South Carolina. He grew up in the Downtown area of Charleston. Through hard work and determination, Eric is considered an expert in strategic digital marketing by his peers. He is passionate about giving back to the communities that helped shape him into the man he is today. As a participant in the American Lung Association’s Lip Sync for Lungs event, Eric helped raise funds and awareness for lung health. His philanthropic efforts have captured the attention of various charities and organizations.

In 2009, Eric established VIP Marketing & Advertising, integrated digital marketing and advertising agency dedicated to the creative and strategic sides of marketing campaigns serving partners throughout the continental United States.

In 2015, Eric saw the need for providing creative services to businesses. Many local and regional advertisers had a particular problem. They felt they couldn’t achieve a premium creative product that could measure up to regional and national brands. Thus, Eric’s second business venture, Craft Creative, was formed.

Eric spends his days helping companies build their brands while attracting partners as the Chief Inspirational Officer for VIP Marketing, Craft Creative, 10 Mile Studios, and his brand Hey I’m Eric. Not only is he recognized for his outstanding creative and strategic thinking, but he also has a reputation for crafting incredible ideas that increase sales and boost bottom-line results. One may say Eric is so passionate about achieving results for his partners; he considers himself a “Digital Marketing Whisperer.”