Getting Your Act Together for #GivingTuesday

As marketers, we all know those editorial calendars should be built out at least 90 days in advance. However … if you’ve waited this long to think about your #GivingTuesday strategy, all is not lost. Giving Tuesday is a global  generosity movement launched in 2012, at the 92nd Street Y in New York City, with not much more than 30 days’ notice either. It has grown to a movement that in 2020 generated at least $2.47 Billion in twenty-four hours in the U.S. alone. And, good news! Donors were giving at record high levels during the pandemic. 

Always held on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, this year #GivingTuesday is November 30th. Short lead times are no problem with social media. However, with popularity comes competition, so, how can your organization stand out?

 Get specific. Instead of one post on the “day of,” choose one program or funding need your social media followers can readily identify with and create your drive around that. When you share where donation dollars go, you give your organization credibility and fuel donor buy-in and confidence.

“$25 cleans the water supply”

“$50 serves lunch for a week”

“$100 trains 3 demining volunteers”

“$250 provides a lifesaving veterinary surgery”

Skip the generic feel good, happy faces and use photos of your clients, volunteers, and projects to tell the story and increase conversion. Everyone appreciates behind-the-scenes photos which show, rather than tell, about your organization’s good works.

No need to reinvent the wheel, get #GivingTuesday graphics and toolkit here: to add your organization’s outreach.

Don’t just use the #GivingTuesday hashtag, though. Add your specific industry and donation drive to gain social momentum. For instance, #coatsforkids, #aidsawareness #cleanwater, #helpingthehomeless, #fooddrive, #sustainablefood.

Can you get your team together in a hurry?

Don’t wait til November 30th. Start announcing your fundraising needs as soon as you can with ideas like, “We’re creating an AmazonSmile page for Giving Tuesday.” Or, “Go through your closet now and start putting aside those gently used clothes for our #GivingTuesday drive.” 

More than just money. While donations are certainly necessary to any nonprofit organization, so are volunteers. Your posts can appeal to those people who like to roll their sleeves up for a good cause, and because you are not asking for money, your post will stand out from the millions of others that day. This is the perfect time to harness those individuals and families who look for opportunities to serve during the holidays. 

It’s not all over on Tuesday. Here are two ways to get more mileage out of #GivingTuesday.

You may not have time to promote #GivingTuesday in your newsletter but be sure to talk about your success in the next newsletter to come out and include all the ways to give. 

Appeal to the procrastinators out there with “morning after” posts.  “It’s Not Too Late.” “Giving Tuesday might be over, but the fight to end hunger isn’t.” 

Then sit back, appreciate the community support you’ve generated, and start thinking about next year’s marketing campaign. Plus, watch for Charleston American Marketing Association’s upcoming nonprofit-focused marketing coffee talks starting up in 2022.

Compton’s Corner- October Edition

As I’m delivering the last Spark! Awards to our winners, I’m fortunate enough to see these companies with fresh eyes as I’m still learning all that Charleston has to offer. Each company I stop by has its own story, its own KPI’s, its own clients, and most importantly: their own teams filled with HUMANS. They are so very unique and different from each other, yet they all have more things in common than you’d think, the Charleston lifestyle and AMA are the easy ones to point out. I’m sure we can all agree that they all have another major common denominator in creating the best work for their clients so that they keep coming back. This is where I love the Spark! Awards, the best in CHS shine and CAMA gets to brag about it.

Once we dig in, we also find that there are a lot of things we have in common along with the reasons why we should come together as a community. There, I said it, this is our call to action, this is our north star, we are calling for our members to support CAMA with our mission to bring our community together and find growth, together, in our local economy because of it. Look at what the Tech industry is doing with The Charleston Digital Corridor. We can do that with advertising and marketing.

We need to come together and share each other’s stories, for reasons I don’t have to mention (2020 did happen).  

CAMA is in the beginning stages of this Community > Membership campaign. You may have heard that Zuckerberg might famously close his meetings with the mantra “Company over Country” with his fist-pumping in the air. We are taking a different approach, one would say, the opposite approach.

CAMA feels the need to come together as one to put CHS on the map as a creative hub that knows advertising and marketing, not only in the hospitality and tourism industry, but also with the big brands in technology, healthcare, and nonprofit industries. We further lift Charleston as a lifestyle destination for: 

  • Marketing execs that want to escape their (mostly) cold headquarters
  • Recognize and capitalize on the plethora of talent (it is vast!)
  • Charleston’s ever-expanding HQ hub of major brands who continue to build and expand 
  • The booming diversity of small startups, new boutique shops and independent entrepreneurs

The workplace is so remote these days that the HQ or the CMO can be elsewhere and you can still build a prosperous business with a rich marketing strategy. Charleston has so many ties to large organizations or remote workers who are here because they choose to be. People are moving from all over to grow our community. 

I realize I may be alienating or making some execs (SUITS!) feel uneasy with this campaign of Community > Membership, but that’s where I believe we grow. Within these uneasy feelings, begins new conversations, real conversations about corporate consciousness, connecting to the next generation, driving authentic experiences, and truly reaching out for diverse POV’s. 

Technically, I am one of those suits, and as an agency owner, I feel that it’s important for us to constantly be putting ourselves and our businesses out there with authenticity and a touch of vulnerability that will help our culture thrive along with our KPI’s and ROI. This is not a new concept, but it’s finally getting the respect it deserves. Be HUMAN, put people over profit, share your stories, share your strategies, be vulnerable, your brand will grow and you’ll help your client’s brand grow with you, instead of the other way around. Beiber sings about it, lol, you’re the BRAND now!

For that to happen, we have to start by being the change, we have to be the voice and complacency is not an option. Know that when you join CAMA you aren’t just joining a club, a grocery store coupon list, a gym or just paying a yearly subscription to discounted CAMA events – you’re joining our community. Our growing, thriving, interesting Charleston marketing community.

Community > Membership.

Email me if you want to participate in this campaign with us:

Mike Compton
Director of Membership

Charleston AMA Announces 2021 Spark! Awards Winners

2021 Spark! Awards

Charleston American Marketing Association (AMA) is pleased to announce the winners of the 2021 Spark! Awards. The annual Spark! Awards is the premier marketing event of the Lowcountry that honors creative and marketing excellence in the Charleston community. After receiving hundreds of submissions in 20 categories, fellow AMA chapter, AMA Tahoe, judged and casted their votes for finalists and winners, while Charleston AMA Board of Directors selected winners for Marketer of the Year, The Giving Award, and Chapter Volunteer of the Year.

Awards finalists, Charleston area marketing professionals, and business leaders gathered for the lively awards celebration on September 23 where winners were revealed. The awards were hosted by event emcee Whitney McDuff, who is a recent winner of Best Marketing/PR Company for Charleston City Paper’s 2021 Best of Charleston.

Charleston AMA is thankful for this year’s sponsors, including Nelson Printing, Squeeze Marketing, Fox Audio Visual, Larry Monteith Photography, Seth G. Music, Holy City Sinner and Chris Hervochon CPA CVA.

And the winners are…

Charleston AMA 2021 Marketer of the Year:
Charlotte Berger, CharlotteBergerPR

The Giving Award:
Stan Foxworthy, Foxworthy Studios

Chapter Volunteer of the Year:
Taylor Ion, Charleston AMA Director of Marketing and Communications

Best Book Cover
WINNER: Advantage | ForbesBooks – Stuck In The Middle Seat by Stephen E. Gerard
Advantage | ForbesBooks – Stuck In The Middle Seat by Stephen E. Gerard
Advantage | ForbesBooks – Hidden Wealth by Terry H. Monroe –
Banks Creative – Eleanor, Alice and the Roosevelt Ghosts by Dianne K. Salerni
G Sharp Design – Mindscaping

Best Branding
WINNER: Squeeze Marketing – Lowcountry Trolley
PlanSource – PlanSource
Trio Solutions – Marketing Impact Assistant (aka M.I.A)

Best Corporate Blog
WINNER: Roper St. Francis Hospital – House Calls Magazine and Health Hub Blog
Stingray Branding – Tumbleston Photography
Winkler Group – Winkler Group Corporate Blog: Part 1 – Counterintuitive Fundraising

Best Corporate Identity
WINNER: Roper St. Francis Hospital – Roper St. Francis Healthcare Brand 2020
Trio Solutions – Bleecker Family Law

Best Collateral
WINNER: Rawle Murdy – Desert Highlands
Push Digital – Stop Soldier Suicide – 2020 Impact Report
Squeeze Marketing – Lowcountry Trolley

Best Content Marketing
WINNER: Lunch + Recess – Vertical Roots Brand Video
BoomTown – The BoomTown Effect
PlanSource – Employee Communications Interactive Site

Best Digital or Print Ad
WINNER: Push Digital – Dermatology & Laser Center of Charleston
Rawle Murdy – Terminix

Best Direct Mail
WINNER: PlanSource – THRIVE SalesCon Box and Deliverables

Best e-Newsletter
WINNER: Charleston County Parks – Charleston County Parks Explore

Best Event Marketing
WINNER: Mex 1 Coastal Cantina – Mex 1 Snowboard Rail Jam
BoomTown – Unite
Push Digital – Lung Cancer Research Foundation – Free to Breathe Event
PlanSource – Eclipse Live Marketing Collateral

Best Fundraising Campaign
WINNER: CharlotteBergerPR – Warrior Surf Foundation Surfboard Auction

Best Social Media Presence
WINNER: Rawle Murdy – Mattress Firm
Charleston County Parks – Charleston County Parks Facebook Page –
Push Digital – Stop Soldier Suicide

Best Illustration
WINNER: Banks Creative – College of Charleston ‘What Type of Cougar are You?
Banks Creative- College of Charleston ‘What Type of Cougar are You?
Charleston County Parks – Step Into Nature
Lunch + Recess – Osprey and Snake Illustration

Best Logo Design
WINNER: In the Black Marketing & Consulting – Migliori’s Pizza
Gibbes Film in Focus – Banks Creative
Stingray Branding – Juneteenth
Stingray Branding – Your Space Designs
TRIO Solutions – Ruby’s Academy

Best Non-Traditional Marketing
WINNER: Banks Creative – Gibbes on the Street – Gibbes on the Couch
CharlotteBergerPR – LoDi Coffee Sleeve Design
Rawle Murdy – Primland Resort

Best Social Media Campaign
WINNER: Matchstick Social – Kickin Chicken
Chernoff Newman – MUSC Don’t Go Viral
Nelson Strategic Marketing – Meals on Wheels Summerville: Stories of Isolation

Best Pandemic Pivot
WINNER: ArcheMedX, Inc. – COVID-19’s Effect on Virtual Tech in Clinical Trials
CharlotteBergerPR – Warrior Surf Foundation Surfboard Auction
Maggie Mills – Take Maggie’s Word for It

Best Promotional Video
WINNER: Lowcountry Local First – Every Dollar Matters
BoomTown – Success Assurance
Charleston Battery – This Is Your Club
Mara James – Shiksona Beauty

Best Website
WINNER: Squeeze Marketing – Lowtide Brewing
Push Digital –
Squeeze Marketing – Southern Concepts
Stingray Branding – Wild Blue Ropes